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  • Our engineers are some of the most experienced in their field.

    With a mixture of huge experience in motorsport, engineering degrees, apprenticeships and a deep seated love of automotive engineering our team are an exceptional, multiskilled,  group.

    The team is led full time by Jim Stokes, the combination providing a depth of knowledge and expertise that is second to none, enabling JSWL to provide an unrivalled service to owners.


Tim Paterson (Workshop Manager)

Tim joined JSWL in 2004 as a fully qualified mechanic. He spent his initial time with JSWL working in the restoration shop before taking on the role of Workshop Manager. Tim has successfully completed various project management courses that assist him with his job of monitoring current projects within the workshop. Customer communication and updates are also a key part of his role within the organisation.

Bob Fleming (Automotive Mechanical Engineer)

Bob joined JSWL as a fully qualified mechanic in 2006, he has been involved with many restoration and recreation projects during this time. He has travelled extensively with the company supporting customers on many events such as the Historic Monte Carlo Rally, Peking to Paris and Mille Miglia. Bob has also become the gearbox and rear axle expert within the group.

James Harrington (Engine Shop Manager)

James joined JSWL following a Motor Sport degree with Oxford Brookes University and is a highly skilled and experienced Automotive Engineer. He has gained a huge amount of specialist knowledge of the Tipo 33 having run restoration projects for two separate cars and James has also been the key engineer working on the recreation of the Alfa Romeo 158 from original factory parts.

Paul Smith (Automotive Mechanical Engineer)

Paul joined JSWL after gaining 9 years’ experience within the historic race car sector, in the preparation and race support for historic cars racing in Europe and America. Paul works in the restoration shop and has run various 8C Alfa Romeo restoration projects. He has also supported customers on the Mille Miglia many times and is a regular at the Goodwood Revival.

Andy Palmer (Automotive Mechanical Engineer

Andy joined JSWL in 2012 with over 20 years’ experience as a fully qualified Mechanic. With a hugely diverse range of engineering experience, including maintaining mining equipment in Australia, heavy plant and 4x4 development, Andy now gets particular pleasure from researching the historical detail so critical to completing the restoration of historic cars.

Joe Moon (Automotive Mechanical Engineer)

Joe is a fully qualified Mechanic that prior to joining JSWL spent 4 years as a historic vehicle mechanic. Since joining JSWL Joe has been involved in the restoration of many significant projects including the long chassis Alfa 8C 2300 and ground up restoration of an Alfa Romeo 6C 1750. He is currently preparing an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 for the Mille Miglia.

Emilia Brown (Automotive Mechanical Engineer)

Emilia has recently completed her Heritage Skills Academy apprenticeship and received the inugural Simon Diffey Heritage Motorpsort Apprentice of the Year award. During her training she has worked on such legendary cars as Alfa Romeo 3000CM Superflow, Lancia Ferrari D50, Alfa Romeo 158 and an Alfa Romeo P3. Having completed an extensive suspension overhaul and service on a Talbot Sunbeam Emilia was presented with a gift by the owner as a thank you for her work. Being involved with the maintenance, rebuild, or preparation of cars of this type has given Emilia a thorough understanding of every aspect of these machines, whether rebuilding brakes, setting up suspension, assessing chassis or replacing complete engines or gearboxes.

Iain Hampton (Automotive Mechanical Engineer)

Iain joined JSW having spent most of his professional life involved in motorsport. With extensive experience of building, testing and preparing single seaters in Formula 3, Formula Ford and Historic Formula 1 he knows how to get the best out of a car. Latterly he has been building gearboxes for sports prototypes of the type that raced at LeMans, which will prove a useful addition to our gearbox building capability.

Andy Littlechild (Mechanical Engineer - Engine Shop)

Andy joined in 2004 and has worked in a number of departments giving him a thorough understanding of restoration processes. Now working in the engine shop as a JSWL trained engine builder specialising in engine ancillaries such as Superchargers and Magnetos etc., Andy has also supported customer’s cars at both the Mille Miglia and Goodwood Motor Circuit

Ian Cross (Mechanical Engineer - Engine Shop)

Prior to joining in 2011 Ian had over 40 year previous experience as an Engine Builder, Project Manager and Race Mechanic. Ian has built many engines with JSWL including the Tipo 33 and Alfa 158.

Glen White (Mechanical Engineer - Engine Shop)

Glen is qualified as an Engine Builder and ran his own business before joining JSWL in 2016. He is now JSWL trained and has a thorough knowledge of our Alfa Romeo engines along with the other historic marques that we specialise in. Glen is also our Dyno Technician.

Robert Chittock (Mechanical Engineer - Engine Shop)

Rob joined JSWL with over 25 years’ experience as a Race Mechanic, working with both Modern and Historic sports cars. He currently works as an engine builder in the engine shop having completed many engine builds.

Nick Wells (Automotive Mechanical Engineer) 

Nick is a hugely experienced, apprenticed, engineer. Previously the owner of his own garage business Nick decided that retirement didn't represent enough of a challenge so joined the JSWL team in early 2023.

Felix Sadovich (Trainee Mechanical Engineer - Engine Shop) 

Having completed his degree Felix has worked as junior engineer in motorsport both in America and here in the UK. Preparing and maintaining race cars has given him an excellent grounding in precision, accuracy and tolerances meaning that the next stage of his career in engine building is a perfect fit.

Jake Rogers (Trainee Mechanical Engineer - Engine Shop)

Jake previously worked as an Engineer/CNC Machinist before joining JSWL, he is currently working in the engine shop as a trainee engine builder. He is now taking full responsibilty for some of our most interesting rebuilds, including a 14Ltr American LaFrance engine of over 100 years old.

Dave Simpson (Stores Controller) 

With a background and qualifications in accountancy and having worked laterly within the automotive sector Dave is a welcome, highly organised, addition to the stores team.

Andrew 'Drew' Norris (Stores Controller)

Drew was working as a qualified Mechanic before joining JSWL but also had previous experience of Stock Control within a large retail organisation. Drew also has excellent IT and computer networking skills and is our go to man for any computer problems.